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How to Keep Your Dog Happy When They’re Home Alone

Like any pet owner, you probably wonder how your beloved dog is doing when you’re away from the house. Are they sleeping? Playing with their toys? Tearing up toilet paper? Ruining a pair of your shoes?

You might also begin to wonder what any of this could mean. Are they destroying your house because they’re anxious? Are they sleeping because they’re depressed? Chances are, they’re doing just fine. But your worry is a true testament to your love for them, so if you’re looking for ways to help keep your best buddy happy while they’re home alone, here are some tricks that deserve treats later!

Spoil with Toys

A destructive dog is often a bored dog. If there aren’t any toys lying around, likely, they will try to make toys of their own. While you’re out, they will need to get rid of their energy one way or another, and they don’t always care for solitary laps around the house. Having a wide array of toys is always a great option to keep your pup entertained. A great method of having them stay busy longer without spending too much money on toys is to cycle the options. Every couple of weeks, take one away and put another one out. That way they feel new in just a matter of time, and your home won’t be cluttered with a million balls and bones.

How to Keep Your Dog Happy When They’re Home Alone

Turn on Some Tunes or TV

Voices are very soothing to your dog because it makes them feel less alone. When they have something to listen to, the silence of an empty house won’t be as deafening. While many pup parents turn on the classic Animal Planet or Discovery Channel, really anything will work – you don’t have to be too on the nose.

There are even online playlists designed specifically to relax your dog. Here's one to check out and see if your dog enjoys it:

Create Small Safe Spaces

Dogs feel more comfortable when they have a place that feels soothing to them. Many owners opt for a typical crate that’s lined with a familiar blanket and accompanied with a beloved toy. Others put a designated dog bed in a closet or other small enclosure that their pooch knows is for them when they need a moment of security.

How to Keep Your Dog Happy When They’re Home Alone

Tire Your Pooch Out

Before you leave your dog alone for an extended period of time, tiring them out is the best way for them to not grow sad without you because they’ll want to sleep the time away. Going for a walk or jog before you leave is the perfect option for you and your pet. You both will be getting some well-needed exercise and can stretch your legs in preparation for whatever your day looks like. Matched with your workout, the fresh air will also tire out your pooch so by the time you get home, they’ll be waking up from their nap.

You can implement one or all of these tips into your daily routine for a healthier and happier pupper. We hope they work for you and your loved one, and the last and most important tip is…top it all off with a treat!

Do you have any ideas for keeping your dog happy while they're home alone? Leave a comment below!

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