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5 Tips for Preventing Your Dog from Chewing Up Your Home

Keeping a dog as a pet makes daily life a fun and interesting challenge. Besides serving as a companion and keeping you happy, your dog can help you stay fit, active, and healthy. Some recent research suggests that people that keep dogs in their home live longer and happier.

Despite the joys that come with keeping a furry pet in your home, you are also likely to encounter many frustrations, especially if your dog or puppy starts chewing up everything around them.  When you leave your dog at home alone, you may be distressed to find that your shoes, dresses, or furniture are chewed up by your dog. This can leave you feeling frustrated and hopeless.

However, the good news is that, as difficult as it is, there are some strategies that can prevent your dog from chewing your things while you’re out of the house. There are actually many ways of stopping your dog from this annoying habit, but here are five tips have proven to be very effective.  

Tip 1: Always be Attentive to Your Dog’s Needs

Keeping pets like dogs requires a lot of patience and attention. Always have it at the back of your mind that you need to give as much attention to your dog as you would give your baby. Make sure your dog is receiving adequate attention throughout the day and is not being left alone for very long stretches of time. Hire a dog sitter or ask a friend or relative to check in on the dog if you need to leave alone for long periods of time.

If you have a dog who prone to destruction, ensure that any areas of the house that may be dangerous to them are off limits. Ensure that any dangerous chemicals or heavy objects are behind closed doors that the dog cannot reach when they are alone.

5 Tips for Preventing Your Dog from Chewing Up Your Home

Tip 2: Do Not Leave Your Dog Home Alone Hungry

Even though most dogs chew items out of curiosity, some dogs do it once they are very hungry and can’t find food to eat. The truth is that when a dog is hungry, it turns to chew items that either look or smell like food. Therefore, to prevent your dog from chewing on the things in your home, it is imperative to always ensure that your dog is well fed. The best way to ensure that your pet is well-fed is to give it regular meals and snacks in the right quantities and at the same time every day.

Tip 3: Always Keep Personal Items and Other Valuables in Safe Places

No matter how much you work you are putting into training your dog, it will never be as reasonable as a human being. Thus, it is your responsibility to protect your items, by keeping them in safe places, beyond the reach of your dog. You can think of this as “dog proofing” you house as you would for a baby or toddler. The smartest way of doing this is to put away all the items your dog could possibly put in its mouth, including shoes, wallets, purses, your kid’s toys, etc. in an area the dog cannot access.

5 Tips for Preventing Your Dog from Chewing Up Your Home

Tip 4: Invest in the Right Toys for Your Furry Pet

Investing in the right toys will also save your belongings from being chewed by your dog. Remember that dogs, notably puppies, are sometimes motivated to chew things as a result of the discomfort caused by teething.

Just like human babies, puppies also go through the stage where they lose their baby teeth and subsequently experience pain once the adult teeth start popping out. During such moments, it becomes imperative to invest in the best teething toys for your little furry friend. More so, you should slowly guide your puppy and equally teach it to restrict chewing only to appropriate objects like its own toys.

Many chew toys and treats are available in your local pet store. These toys are often flavored like beef, peanut butter, or other flavors that dogs enjoy.

Tip 5: Make Time for Games or Exercises to Wear Out Your Dog

Above all, you must invest time for walks, exercise, or games that can distract your dog, so that it doesn’t resort to eating your own items. The truth is that boredom as well as high levels of energy are some of the reasons dogs chew items in the house. Therefore, by engaging in age and breed appropriate exercises, you would be preventing your dog from boredom and the bad habits that come with it.

However, other effective ways of preventing your dog from chewing your items include interrupting it whenever it’s caught in the act, as well as never giving it your old items including shoes and clothes to chew on.

For more ideas on keeping your dog entertained, watch this video:

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