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5 Feel-Good Dog Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

One of the reasons we love dogs so much is they seem to find joy in every moment of life. Even when faced with challenging situations, they never seem to get depressed or down. When times are challenging, one of the best ways to uplift your spirit is to take inspiration from the joyful, positive spirit of the dogs we love.

One of the best things about the internet is that you can follow along with the inspirational journeys of dogs that you’re never met in real life. These canines are faced with challenging odds, but never seem to stop smiling. Here are some of the best Instagram accounts that will inspire you and bring a smile to your day.

Wolfgang the Obese Beagle

This sweet rescue pup was rescued from the shelter at 90 pounds. After learning to love exercise and healthy food, Wolfgang now weighs 51 pounds. Way to go buddy!

One of the cutest things about Wolfgang is he always brings one of his stuffed animals on his adventures, whether he is taking a walk around the neighborhood or working out on an underwater treadmill.


Now he’s inspiring other dogs to get fit. He recently got a foster beagle brother Jameson who was rescued at 100 pounds. Wolfie’s determined to support his brother on his weight loss journey!

Follow Wolfie here!

New Life K9s

This is a very special organization that teaches inmates to train service dogs. Programs such as this help inmates turn their life around. They get the learn new skills and develop emotionally in ways that they have struggled with.

This feed is filled with quotes from the inmates that will likely move you to tears when you hear how caring for these dogs has changed their entire life.

What’s even more uplifting is that the dogs trained by this program become service dogs to Veterans and first responders affected by PTSD. It’s incredibly inspiring to see dogs have such a profound effect on their trainer’s and their new owner’s lives.

Follow New Life K9s here!

Orange Boy Phil

One of the happiest boys around is Orange Boy Phil. This cutie was adopted from the shelter weighing in at 148 pounds. He has since dropped 50 pounds and never stops enjoying every day of life. Scrolling through his feed is non-stop doggy smiles! Every day is a joy with Phil.

As an added bonus, he looks like fried chicken!

Follow Orange Boy Phil here!

Underbite Unite

This sweet girl named Daisy has both a prominent underbite and was born with a deformity in her legs, but you’d never know from her happy-go-lucky attitude. She happily scoots around with or without her wheelchair. She doesn’t seem to know the difference!

Little Daisy always has a smile on her face whether she is relaxing in the sun or spending time with her fellow wheelchair using dog friends. This sweetie always seems to be able to find the sunny side of life and loves to inspire her fans all over the world.

Follow Underbite Unite here!

Pepper Winks

Tiny Pepper Winks may only be 4 pounds, but this one-eyed senior Chihuahua has a giant personality. Pepper’s videos are a must-watch because she makes the cutest little snorting noise. She may be a senior, but she has plenty of energy to bounce around like a puppy.

Follow Pepper Winks here!

Are there any Instagram accounts that are inspiring you? Leave a comment below!

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